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Mantra di Siena

I use a bullet journal to stay organized in my day-to day-life as it helps manage obsessive thoughts of “things I have to do,” which gives me a (somewhat false) feeling of control and therefore, helps lower my anxiety. Each day in my black notebook, after titling the page with the date, I follow up with a quote related to motivation, inspiration, psychology, Buddhism, mindfulness, etc. In fact, most of the quotes from past #motivationmonday posts come from my notebooks. Somedays, instead of a quote, I write little reminders to myself. I am in the process of setting up a new journal and that means processing the information from the the one that’s almost full. Here is a list of some recurring phrases that I wrote down to remind myself throughout the day. I would love to hear what mantra resonates with you and am happy to answer any questions, like "what does this one mean?" Your inner life dictates your experience. Avoidance is procrastination without a deadline. Comparison is the opposite of creativity. Don’t do everything. Do the next thing. Perfection doesn’t exist. Enjoy this chapter of your life. Be curious, not judgmental. You are what you think. I am learning as I go. Slow down. If I only do this once today, let me be fully present with the experience. Try pointing and calling. Small, consistent steps yield big results over time. Stay in your own lane. Take 100% responsibility for yourself, your happiness, your environment, and your choices. Speak kindly to yourself. Breathe and be here. You don’t solely exist to feel pleasure. Give yourself credit for your strength and resilience. Avoid perfectionist fantasies and tomorrow thinking. Breathe and do it. Hesitating? Recognize the emotional resistance…. And do it anyway. Be here now. Radical self-acceptance. Create the space. Your mind will believe anything you tell it. No one gives you permission to be an artist. Non-judgmental self-awareness. 1% better everyday. Do it with joy. Remember to breathe deeply. Delayed gratification. Recognize FFT = First Fucking Time. Invest in yourself. Remove emotional/mood resistance to tasks.

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