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Friday Playlist with Phinehas Bynum

Welcome to Friday y'all. You did it. Phin(ehas) here, Minneapolis-based singer-songwriter, creative technologist/perfectionist, and all-around musical nerd. is a work in progress, but I'm poking at it.

In no particular order, I've attended a choir school, beatboxed in an acapella group, played keys in a funk band, composed video game music on a modded Gameboy, played jazz vibraphone, and studied classical voice. So you're in for a bit of a musical journey. I challenge you to sample them all, but if it's not your jam, statistically there's something here for you (or you have a cold soul)?

It was a treat and a terror to put this playlist together for you, because my taste in music is pretty much just like me, and I'm an extroverted introvert. I'll try and keep things in "chunks" so you don't get too much whiplash between tracks, but it's probably unavoidable. I shan't apologize, because my partner told me that I should be "Unapologetically [My]self" and in turn I pass this excellent advice along to you, dear listeners.

Monday. It's been a great weekend, but you need a bit of a bop to get things rolling. You remember that you really dig electronica/jazz, and then your alarm goes off...7:00 AM by Tennyson into Pale Machine by bo en.

And that reminds you that you also like indie video games...why is it Monday again?

Food. Bed. Tuesday. What's on the docket for today? More synthpop/chiptune? Or something a bit more acoustic? It's Women's History Month and was just Black History Month, can't go wrong with the great Ella (Fitzgerald). If you want to feel 1) good and 2) bad about 1) the wonders of improvisation and 2) your ability to improvise, look no further than Airmail Special - Live At The Crescendo.

Now we feeling funky. Let's get into some Vulfpeck. Birds of a Feather. There's some good advice in there. I'm thinking We Good (The JuJu Exchange). Every song should have a vibraphone solo in my estimation. Isn't that a good song? Wow, it reminds me of this other song I like too. The Spiritual by Jukebox the Ghost is their first song I heard, which led me to this gem: See You Soon. Low key fave.

Wednesday. Wednesday is tough. Need some momentum to get over the hump. It's time for a few of my favorite songs to change up a bumpy day.

A Wonderful Day Like Today sung by Frankie Randall

Rosé by The Feeling

Hengilás by jonsi

If by Bread

It's a commonly known fact that Thursday is a day for one's favorite choral music.

Cells Planets sung by Chanticleer

Gustav Holst's Nunc Dimittis sung by The Sixteen

Friday. This is where the playlist is supposed to start, so you can ignore everything before this. Especially the thing right before this. We need some snacks to carry us into the weekend. *inserts favorite tenor repertoire* Carl Anderson's Heaven on their Minds from Jesus Christ Superstar Mandy Patinkin's Finishing the Hat from Sunday in the Park with George Ben Bliss' Maria from West Side Story Bryan Hymel singing "Chante vieux jardin ta chanson de cigale"...2:48 for (♡ヮ♡) And to play us out, how about Labi Siffre's Bless the Telephone. Give that person you've been meaning to call a buzz, and Happy Friday! Complete Spotify playlist can be found here ( ˘ ³˘)♥ Here's the YouTube Playlist. To learn more about Phin, check out his bio on our Diversity Council page.

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