OOPS MN is a 501(c)(3) organization that connects Minnesotans with Classical Vocal Artists to produce Projects, facilitate Artistic Development, and provide access to Classical Singing. 

OOPS MN (Opera-Oriented Projects Sponsorships in Minnesota) is a non-profit organization established with the goals of promoting the performance of and access to Classical Vocal Arts, as well as supporting the Artistic Development of Classical Singing Professionals in Minnesota.

OOPS MN will realize their mission by connecting Artists with Patrons who are interested in financially sponsoring an Artist’s self-directed Project Proposal featuring Classical Singing, such as a recital, recording, opera performance, or sponsoring Artistic Development needs, such as lessons and coachings. In addition to Fiscal Sponsorship, OOPS MN is available to assist Artists from Project inception to completion. All OOPS MN sponsored performances are free and each Project Proposal must complete a Community Engagement/Education requirement, such as a performance at an economically disadvantaged school or nursing home. 


You can join the OOPS MN community and achieve our mission by considering becoming a Patron by sponsoring fully or partially an Artist’s Project Proposal, by offering your skills and services to OOPS MN and OOPS Artists through our Artistic Advisory Network, by joining the Diversity Council, or by submitting a Project Proposal.

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  • Identify and recruit Patrons who see the inherent value of music and the benefits of belonging to and creating a vibrant arts community. Patrons want to fund Artist-led Projects or help cover costs associated with their Artistic Development.

  • Assist Artists through the Proposal drafting process and support funded Proposals through to the completion of the Project and beyond. 

  • Provide updates to our community about past OOPS Artists' upcoming performances and career developments.

  • Provide fiduciary oversight, financial management, and other administrative services for Sponsored Projects. 

  • Provide access to artistic resources such as IPA Source, Castel Libretti, etc. 

  • Foster a community dedicated to the stewardship of Classical Vocal Arts and Artists in Minnesota.

  • Encourage music education and community engagement.

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  • We empower Artists by giving them the opportunity to be fairly compensated for self-directed work (the majority of paid work for Artists involves being hired by an organization to perform an appointed role under the artistic vision of the director and the designers), 

  • We empower Patrons by giving them the opportunity to donate to specific projects and receive tax credit for their donation (as opposed to donating to a larger company and having no say in how the funds are allocated, or making donations to projects through platforms like Kickstarter or Go Fund Me, which are classified as private gifts and do not qualify as tax-deductible contributions), 

  • We are the only fiscal sponsorship entity designed specifically for the benefit of Classical Vocal Arts and Artists, the only entity that requires Project Proposals to complete a Community Engagement/Education component, and the only entity to offer the resultant Projects to audiences for free,

  • We recruit the Patrons to provide funding (Traditional Fiscal Sponsorship requires applicants to seek out and apply for outside grants, or seek out their own donations to be made tax-deductible to the donor via the Fiscal Sponsorship entity), 

  • We provide support, an Advisory Network, and Professional Resources to all OOPS Artists to aid in the successful completion of their Fiscally Sponsored Projects, and

  • We foster a community of Artists and Patrons and will continue to update our Network on upcoming performances and career developments from former OOPS Artists. 

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