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Spotlight 2.0 was a grant we offered in May 2021

Creative teams, comprised mostly of singers, pianists, and stage directors, applied with a proposed program and two teams were selected from the applicant pool resulting in the creation of the following recordings:


Monodrama for Soprano Solo Unaccompanied

Music by Juliana Hall
Text by Caitlin Vincent

Comprising six short movements, this setting of Caitlin Vincent's text expresses raw and shifting emotions in a dramatic setting for soprano that allows direct communication from singer to audience without the interference of another accompanying instrument. This monodrama is about the version of ourselves that we try to present to the world, but the underlying emotions express the conflict within.


Each song leads into the next: giddy happiness followed by the inevitable plunge into depression, then anger and embarrassment for revealing too much to the audience, remorse for lashing out, and finally a plea for the world to see only the singer's best side. This 12-minute work includes: Prologue; Joy; Sorrow; Anger; Remorse; Epilogue.

Amy Wolf

Amy Wolf

Amanda Carlson

Amanda Carlson

Songs by Black Composers

Curated and Sung by Victoria Korovljev 
Accompanied by Amos Lucidi

Victoria Korovljev
Amos Lucidi

Victoria Korovljev

Amos Lucidi

We are incredibly grateful for our Spotlight 2.0 Sponsors:

Gary and Janet Christenson
Sara Drinane 
Eliza Eastman
Saïd Eastman
Chip and Vicki Emery
Kristin and Jim Matejcek
Harvey McLain
Tom and Meg Ryder
Kristi and Mark Specker
Carley Stuber

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