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Friday Playlist with Jimmy Finch

Here are a bunch of songs that get me in the mood for Pride month! Enjoy!

Shirley Bassey: “I am what I am” from la cage aux folles.

Belt it out! Be you!

RuPaul: “Sissy that walk”

Because “less they payin’ your bills, pay those bitches no mind”

Miley Cyrus: “Party in the USA”

This song is my number one choice when I need to get pumped up!

Sandi Patty: “Somewhere over the rainbow”

The traditional favorite Pride song sung by the voice that inspired me to want to sing!

Adam Lambert: “Believe”

What is Pride without a cover of a Cher song?

Jennifer Hudson: “Spotlight”

Because you should never forget how fabulous you are!

Rachel Platten: “Fight Song”

If this last year has taught us anything it’s that we still have a lot of fight left!

Cher: “You haven’t seen the last of me” from Burlesque.

Any Cher song is Pride appropriate!

The Chix: “Cowboy Take Me Away”

Because we all want that love that will sweep us off our feet! Maybe this Pride you’ll find yours!

Shawn Mendes: “There’s nothing holding me back”

Take no prisoners! This is the year nothing holds us back!

You can find Jimmy's playlist on YouTube. Happy listening and happy Pride!

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