OOPS MN connects Minnesotans with Classical Vocal Artists to produce
Projects, facilitate Artistic Development, and provide access to Classical


To create a community dedicated to the stewardship of Classical Vocal Arts in Minnesota. 


Culture of innovation and creativity 

OOPS provides a community that encourages and supports personal artistic perspectives and allows Artists to create according to their own vision, to ask tough questions, and to commit to a deeper understanding of themselves, their art, and their singing voice.   


Collective leadership 

We believe in the value of working with others and achieving together what may not be possible alone, learning from others insights and leadership, and sharing openly so that others may be able to learn from us. 



We believe that the arts are enriched when we embrace diversity, inclusion, and equity. 

People of Color make up 20% of the Minnesota population. According to census data, from 2010-2018, the population growth for POC was 5x higher than it was for non-Hispanic white residents. The fastest growing racial group in MN was the Black population, which grew by 36%. It was followed by the Asian population at 32% and the Latin(x) population at 24%. The growing diversity in MN must be reflected in a growing commitment to the promotion of diversity within the arts.

We have established a Diversity Council where Members work collaboratively to address community concerns related to inclusivity, diversity, access and exposure to Classical Vocal Arts. 

The goal of the OOPS MN Diversity Council is to advise OOPS’s Board, Patrons and Artists about opportunities to advance BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) Artists and engage the community by suggesting Artists for Sponsorship opportunities as well as indicating direct areas of need in our community, such as possible locations for an Artist to fulfill the Community Engagement/Education component of their Project Proposals. As a group, members conduct conversations and compose a report following each meeting to advise how OOPS is doing in regards to fulfilling its mission and how OOPS can better serve under-served Minnesotans. 


Asking for help 

Asking for help may be difficult, but it makes us stronger as Artists, as individuals, and as a community.

By asking for help, we admit that we have taken on a task that is outside of our comfort zone and is forcing us to grow, learn, and change in order to accomplish it. 

By asking for help, we gain valuable outside perspective and insight. 

By asking for help, we are asking others to become invested in our work and its success.

By asking for help, we build up those around us by telling them that we trust in their ideas, opinions, and advice.



We are committed to acting honestly and with integrity in all of our transactions and dealings, following through on our commitments, operating with transparency and straightforwardness of conduct, and being responsible and accountable for all of our actions. 


Learning from mistakes/hardships 

OOPS! We will make mistakes and face stumbling blocks along the way - we will make adjustments, and we will learn. 

Danish Physicist and recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physics, Niels Bohr said, “An expert is a person who has found out by painful experience all the mistakes that one can make in a very narrow field.” And we agree. 

We believe in facing challenges with humility, taking responsibility for the outcome, and embracing our mistakes and stumbling blocks as powerful tools for growth and learning.