Spotlight Series - 3/11/2021

This application is now closed. We will hold another round of Spotlight Series funding later in 2021 What: OOPS MN is seeking applications for a video recording session. Artists will record 10-15 minutes of music featuring singing. Each project must include a community engagement component to be conducted via zoom in partnership with Columbia Heights Public Schools. Who is eligible?

  • Artist or artist duo, must involve at least one singer
  • At least 21 years of age
  • Resident of MN for at least one year as of application submission
  • Practicing Artist able to demonstrate a sustained commitment to their work, career and public audience
  • Available to record on April 24, 2021 in the Twin Cities
What is the process?
  1. Artist to submit the application before the final deadline (March 26). If submitted before the first deadline (March 19), the application will be reviewed and returned with feedback.
  2. Committee will review the submissions, select 2-3, and meet with the selected applicants to discuss their proposals on or around March 29.
  3. Selections will be announced on or around March 31.
  4. Selected artists will prepare, practice, memorize, and polish repertoire for video recording on April 24th. Please note, OOPS MN will not assist in arranging rehearsals.
  5. OOPS MN will arrange the recording in the Twin Cities and schedule sessions with the duos with ample time in between to disinfect and aerate the space. Artists will record on April 24, 2021.
  6. OOPS MN will edit the recordings and release on a rolling basis in May and in time for their session(s) with the Columbia Heights students.
  7. Artists will use their recordings to complete their Zoom engagement with a group of students.
  8. After completing the engagement with the Columbia Heights students, artists will be paid $300.
  9. Artists will participate in a virtual Zoom premiere with patrons and engage in a conversation about their recordings and experience with the Columbia Heights students.
  10. (Optional) Artists may participate in a recorded conversation with Siena, Christina, and their duo partner, to be posted on OOPS MN’s podcast, On Purpose.
What is the committee looking for?
  • Repertoire that features singing in the classical tradition or fusion with another style and/or genre
  • Preferential consideration for music outside the traditional white, male canon
  • Compatibility between programming and plan for engaging with students
  • Sufficient consideration and planning of the structure and the content of the Zoom session engaging with students
Who is the engagement audience and what are their needs and interests? All:
  • Environmental sustainability and protecting the environment (each school has a garden and there is a botanist who teaches them about gardening and sustainability)
  • Mental health
Elementary and Middle School:
  • How do we help students focus in a time when there is so much to distract them?
  • How do we help students believe in themselves and what they can accomplish with hard work?
  • How do we build broad but essential knowledge that helps students understand what they read and make sense of what they see?
  • How do we build good character and strong academics simultaneously?
  • How do we teach in ways that students will both understand and remember?
High School:
  • Social Justice due to the death of George Flyod
  • Safety
  • The effect of the pandemic on some families
  • Social Emotional Learning (SEL)
  • Anxiety
What are the times allotted for engaging with students over Zoom and expectations?
  • Elementary School: 20-30 minute engagement; expected to engage with two groups
  • Middle School: 87 minute periods, so engagement length can vary, but a minimum of 45 minutes or two 20-30 minute engagements
  • High School: 45 minute engagement with one group of students
What is the timeline?
  • March 19 - Deadline for application to receive feedback
  • March 26 - Final deadline at 11:59pm
  • March 29 - 2-3 programs chosen
  • March 31 - Selections announced
  • April 24 - Recording session
  • May - Release recordings on a rolling basis and complete engagement
  • Mid-Late May - Virtual Zoom Premiere Event with artists and invited guests to talk about their recordings and community engagement
APPLICATION FORM Note: You cannot save to this form. We suggest typing your answers in a separate document and pasting them in to the form when you are ready to submit.
MICROSOFT WORD APPLICATION If you prefer to fill out the application as a word document, download and fill out this form and email it to by the application deadline.


“And now go, and make interesting mistakes,
amazing mistakes,

make glorious and fantastic mistakes.
Break rules. Leave the world more interesting for your being here.
Make good art.”

                                                     -Neil Gaiman